Orca Video - two videos

Volume 1 was filmed from shore during the seasons of 2004 and 2005.

Volume 2 was filmed over the seasons of 2006 - 2009, mainly from shore, with one awesome clip from Maya's Westside Charters in February 2010, where we met up with J and K pods in a resting pattern.

No narration, just whales!
Each video is one hour in length.

They are available for purchase from The Whale Museum

The videos are available from The Whale Museum.

Please note, these are amateur videos. 

There's no narration, just whales!

I started blogging about the Southern Resident Community of killer whales in 2008.  The whales are not 'just a bunch of whales in the water.'  Instead they are families and have what appears to be a complex society.  They fascinate me.  I blog about my encounters and what I observe.
I also blog about my encounters with the marine mammal eating killer whales, some who have become 'regular visitors' here.

Most of my 800 posts over the last five years are now archived. With a fresh start in 2013, I will continue blogging about them as long as they are around and I am able!

I hope you will enjoy my blog.

Happy Whales to you,



They'll Take Your Breath Away!

The whales live in a noisy world - the sounds of wind, rain, water, humans, marine life, marine vessels, eagles, gulls and more.

The whales contribute to their noisy world:
- the sound of their blows when they exhale
- Spieden J-8's and Ino L-54's distinctive inhalation sounds
- percussive sounds: landing from a breach, pectoral fin slaps, tail slapping, etc.
- above surface vocalizations
- under surface vocalizations of a group of 6 socializing whales

This 33 minute audio CD contains all that and is a perfect 'whale fix' no matter if you are in your car, or listening at home. 

Each encounter is different.  The whales will sound very close to you on some encounters and other times farther away.  Sometimes they sound as if they are moving against a strong current and other times they sound more casual.  Added between each encounter are sounds from the whales' world.

It's music to the ears of any whale lover!  Available at: The Whale Museum

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